VISION The Future We Aim for

Textiles are the skin of our hearts.

Textiles, with their rich textures and colorful patterns, are materials that are close to our hearts and create positive emotions in us. Through textile design, KDS contributes to the realization of a brighter life by providing people with inspiration, enjoyment, and healing.

MISSION What we do

We are a bridge between textile manufacturers and society. We support our clients' business with a broad perspective by proposing directions for manufacturing that make use of information on markets and trends in Japan and abroad. We work to revitalize Japan's textile production areas and contribute to the preservation of traditional techniques.

VALUE Our promise of value

  1. Contribute to the future of the textile industry

    We support the creation of new encounters between manufacturers and customers, by conveying the traditions and evolution of the textile industry to the world.

  2. Promote the globalization of the textile industry

    Introduce high-quality manufacturing to people around the world who are interested in Japanese industry.

  3. Propose a lifestyle with nature

    We aim to create products that are friendly to the natural environment, and propose a relaxing lifestyle, like taking a deep breath in the forest.


The appeal of textiles is the ability to express emotions and images that come to mind through colors, patterns, textures, and materials. There are countless processes from design to finishing, and many people's thoughts and feelings are layered in a single piece of fabric.
KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO is a group of designers who create a lifestyle that heals the body and soul through textile design.

We are committed to the transmission of the feelings and techniques of textile production areas. We are involved in material development, product planning, and branding, with the sincere aim of penetrating the market and revitalizing the textile production areas.

We are also rethinking the role of manufacturing toward a balance with the global environment. We will take on the challenge of creating products that circulate, such as choosing environmentally friendly production methods and designs that utilize leftover fabrics.

At the root of our concept is "breath". We continue to breathe in order to maintain a healthy existence, whether individually, in textile production areas, or in society as a whole.
To ensure the continuation of comfortable breathing, we want to build bridges between the past and the future, between people and society, and to pass on rich emotions to the next generation.

PROFILE Kanako Kajihara
/ art director & textile designer

Born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Design, Department of Dyeing and Weaving. Worked as a textile designer at ISSEY MIYAKE INC. Completed Master's program at Royal College of Art Fashion & Textile Course, England. Established KAJIHARA DESIGN STUDIO in 2006.
As a textile designer, Kanako creates unique textile designs with Japanese factories in pursuit of colors and textures that heal people. She started COQ with the theme of “living with a deep-breath in nature”. She proposes an ethical lifestyle that is mindful of the future, and considers designs that reuse leftover threads and fabrics. She is also active as a creative director in various fields such as fashion and spatial design, connecting Japanese craftsmanship that fuses tradition and innovation to the global market.

Company profile

Company Name
Kanako Kajihara
April 1, 2006
June 1, 2015
The capital of the company
10 million yen
6A 3-3-17 Higashi-Nihonbashi Chuo-ku
Tokyo 103-0004 Japan
1-1-23 Tokiwa-5Jo Minami-ku
Sapporo Hokkaido 005-0855 Japan
2-6 Kita-5jo Higashi Chuo-ku
Sapporo Hokkaido 060-0035 Japan
[Hotel, Restaurant and Shop]
1-1-23 Tokiwa-5Jo Minami-ku
Sapporo Hokkaido 005-0855 Japan
Gallery & Shop
+81 11-252-9095
Dining & Guesthouse
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Number of employees
14 (as of April 2022)
Business Description
Planning and sales of textiles, clothing, interior goods, and sundry goods / branding and direction / trend and marketing analysis / textile business consulting / human resources training in textile planning